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SUKU verification aims to serve as the universal symbol of truth for consumer goods. For example, by incorporating information about a food item’s journey from farm to table, SUKU Verified products allow you to see information not only about where the product has come from, but also view evidence to prove what its label says. If the label says the farmer’s facility is inspected by Baltic, a leading global inspection, testing, and certification company, you can now see the farmer’s Baltic certificate. Now what you read on labels can be verified for participants across the supply chain.

Every verification and attestation is recorded on the SUKU Blockchain, making records of attestations and transfers of assets immutable and transparent to everyone. Blockchain technology provides us with a unique opportunity to move from systems of trust to systems of transparency, removing the need to trust single entities and getting us closer to the truth about the products we consume every day.



enabling transparency: the future of consumption

Our solution traces products from raw materials to finished goods, allowing brands to offer differentiated, transparent products that consumers can verify through the SUKU Blockchain.


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