citizens of the future

Citizens Reserve has brought together a team with experience in blockchain, supply chain management, finance, contracting & procurement to build SUKU.


Yonathan Lapchik
Chief Executive Officer
Former Blockchain Product Lead at Deloitte, Duke MBA

Eric Piscini
Chairman of the Advisory Board
Former Global Blockchain Leader and Partner at Deloitte

James Bower
Chairman & Co-Founder
Founder of Gamevice, Former Partner at VaxCare

Addison McKenzie
President & Co-Founder
SaaS Entrepreneur

Mike Wheaton
Chief Technology Officer
Former Technical Director at Oracle Sun, Supply Chain Specialist

Shannon Coble
Chief of Staff & Co-Founder
Air Force Veteran, Former Strategy Consultant for Defense Logistics Agency

Thane Tokerud
Financial Controller
Former Deloitte Tax Manager, CPA

Martin Kaczynski
Director of Product & Operations
Former Manager at Deloitte, Duke MBA

Lucas Henning
Senior Blockchain Architect
Former Blockchain Architect at Deloitte

David Mitchell
Senior Platform Architect
Developer, Architect, and Systems Engineer

Jeeva Chelladhurai
DevOps and Development Team Lead
Former Technical Manager at IBM, Technical Author and Speaker

Garrett Lee
Blockchain Analyst
Former Blockchain Analyst at Deloitte

Bryce Doganer
Blockchain Engineer
Full Stack & Smart Contract Developer

Paris Reid
Strategic Relations





Bill Shihara
Co-Founder and CEO of Bittrex Exchange

Jack Lee
Founding Managing Partner, HCM Capital-Foxconn

Campbell Harvey
Blockchain and Finance Professor, Duke Univeristy

Lily Liu
Co-founder of, acquired by Coinbase

Matthew Roszak
Co-Founder, Bloq | Founding Partner, Tally Capital